Introducing Gift Suite™

The influencer gifting platform.

Introducing Gift Suite™ 

If you’re a brand or retailer, influencers are good – but advocates are better.  Gift Suite™ is the first celebrity gifting platform that enables brands and retailers to “gift” merchandise to celebrity influencers in return for sharing your products on social media.  Because your advocates are only compensated with products they love, the social conversations they spark are undeniably authentic.  And because you are using in-house merchandise, your costs are greatly reduced.

Gift Suite™ is unlike other Influencer marketing programs because:

  • Highly Authentic – Celebrities are compensated ONLY with merchandise so their social conversations are undeniably authentic.

  • Budget Saving –  Merchandise credit costs less than cash out of your budget.

  • Total Convenience – No wrangling with celebrity talent agencies and management.

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How it works 

Choose your advocates

Select your advocates from our network of celebrities, athletes, bloggers and YouTubers listed below and set a budget for each based on their social reach and profile.

They pick products

Once activated, advocates pick the products they want for themselves from your online store – which will be “gifted” to them after they share the items on social media.

They share socially

Gift Suite™ tracks the value of your advocates’ social conversations, and rewards them with the merchandise they’ve picked – but only after they’ve generated sufficient social engagement.

Choose Your Celebrity Advocates 

Representing over 10 million social followers. 

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